The Russian American Business Alliance’s Tourism Department offers you help in all issues regarding business trips and tourism to Russia or to the former Soviet States. We have vast experience and capacity to organize private or business travel.

With us you will easily solve such problems, as:

  • Round trip air-travel to Russia or to all Eastern European countries
  • Internal flights in those countries
  • Air-tickets reservation
  • Hotel booking in Russia and all Eastern European countries
  • Pick up and tours in English
  • Help in solving any issues regarding your stay in Russia or in the former Soviet States

Business tourism is one of our priority activities. RAMBA professionally organizes business group trips - entrepreneurs, representatives of an industry or organizations as well as governmental bodies - to Russia or to the former Soviet States. Meeting schedule is designed according to the groups’ objectives. Your stay in Russia or in a former Soviet State can be organized according to our template, may include your suggestions as well as become an individually organized trip. Such trips may result in discovering new markets for your products and services, finding new partners and establishing joint ventures.

With RAMBA your trip to Russia and to the former Soviet States will be civilized, satisfying and useful!