While moving in new markets, it is important to have a clear vision of your business prospects and have a plan to promote it. In general, the development of American business in Russia and in the former Soviet States has great potential.

In order to put together and complete a business-plan and analyze the given situation of an industry of interest in the Russian market, you will need professional marketing assistance.

RAMBA’s marketing and advertising experts have all the necessary knowledge to provide market and product analysis fast and with quality. Our guarantee is our work experience (both in Russia and the U.S.A.), bilingual skills and knowledge of business administration in the U.S.A., Russia and in the former Soviet States. Through vast partnership network, local representatives - our partners - are capable of accurately analyzing the prospects of your business in the Russian market. In turn, using this data, we are ready to help you strategize and promote your business by organizing marketing events ranging from mass media publicity to advertising and trade shows, from creating network of distributors to assistance in sales through trading networks.

Each figure behind our analysis is transparent; behind every word is the experience and scrutiny of an expert. With us, your business plans in Russia are alive and well.