Consulting Services

Do you want to be successful in the markets in Russia and in the former Soviet States? Your business will advance and prosper if you are well informed about amendments to existing legislation and taxation laws as well as changes in other fields that tend to happen rather often in Russia and in the former Soviet States.

Cooperating with the Russian American Business Alliance, you will receive:

  • Detailed information about distinctive features of laws and taxation, business administration, financing and marketing in a particular country;
  • Professional recommendations on promoting products and services based on analogous developments in Russian markets;
  • Timely updates about changes in industries of interest;
  • Wide-ranging consultations on all aspects of business administration in Russia and in the former Soviet States.

RAMBA’s staff consists of the most qualified experts. We have recruited our staff choosing the most competent in every sector: trade and marketing, financing and real estate, immigration and tourism, law and taxation.

We are active participants in Russian and international markets, thus, we were able to develop and maintain business cooperation with all industries, governmental and public organizations, and the mass media.

Business moves fast. It is important to obtain timely information, make decisions and act upon them. Thus, consulting RAMBA’s experts will be beneficial to you and cooperation through our company – safe and profitable.