The visit of Belarusian entrepreneurs to Atlanta took place at the highest level

The Russian-American Business Alliance on the one side and the Mogilev Branch of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry on the other side jointly arranged the long-awaited visit of a group of Belarusian entrepreneurs to Atlanta.
The aim of the visit was strengthening business ties between American and Belarusian businessmen. Thus, the delegation consisted of the heads and representatives of the enterprises involved in machine-tool and automobile manufacturing, molding of plastics, furniture production, production of food products and supplement feeds and organizations rendering logistic, customs, warehousing and tourist services.
Arriving in the capital of Georgia were Henadz Chorny (the general director of the Mogilev Department of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry), Sergei Rachkov (the head of the USA and Canada Department of the Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and a number of heads of enterprises and top managers of commercial structures. As you see, the representatives that came to Atlanta were very serious.  
The central focus of the visit agenda was the business matchmaking event: Belarusian entrepreneurs met representatives of US business circles interested in potential cooperation.

What were the event results?

It should be mentioned that before the matchmaking event started, a general meeting had been held, which was attended by representatives of the Atlanta Mayor’s office and Georgia Department of Economical Development and Georgia Department of Agriculture. Many large Georgia entrepreneurs also came to meet Belarusian businessmen. All USA representatives noted the importance of strengthening and developing business ties between the two parties.
The meeting started with the complimentary speech of Henadz Chorny: he told the participants about the high economical potential of the Republic of Belarus and the wide opportunities for foreign capital investors opened by the existing investment climate. Strong emphasis was put on the fact that joint Belarusian-USA enterprises had already been successfully operating in the country and that their number has been growing. He mentioned that the products produced by these organizations were globally competitive. All the statements made by Henadz Chorny were supported by facts. All the American businessmen admitted that he was right.  
The matchmaking event was arranged with the great assistanceof the World Trade Center Atlanta and personally Lilia Postolachi, the Director of International Services & Membership
After the matchmaking event, the delegates visited facilities of the several Atlanta based companies and learned the particularities of the American business through practical experience. The Belarusian entrepreneurs were warmly welcomed by UPS, Georgia Power, Hoax and other companies. Since they already got acquainted with American colleagues during the matchmaking event, Belarusian businessmen not only took a look at the production but also continued discussion of the development aspects of international relations.
The results of the visit are generally positive and impressive: the participants of the delegation mentioned the interest from US entrepreneurs. They are pleased to see that American businessmen clearly see the prospect for cooperation with and the economic potential of the Republic of Belarus. Particularly, many work contacts were established during the matchmaking and visits to the companies’ head offices. Both parties are confident that the visit of the delegation was very useful and that international ties will only strengthen in time.
The same was said by Sergei Rachkov when he summarized the visit: he was confident in the great potential of American-Belarusian relations. If the particular results are already seen now, the situation will only improve in time. Sergei Rachkov noted that the Republic of Belarus had a lot to offer the USA and all American businessmen with whom they met had the chance to see this.  
Dmitriy Goroshin, the vice-president of the Russian-American Business Alliance, noted that the interests of the Belarusian entrepreneurs would be further promoted after their business visit to the USA. The contacts and connections with American businessmen established by RAMBA will facilitate this.
Now it is safe to say that there will be another visit by the Belarusian delegation.
What part does RAMBA play in the strengthening of international relations?
• The Russian-American Business Alliance assisted the Belarusian party: all visitors were accommodated in a hotel, each delegate was guaranteed a minimum of 5 USA businessmen interested in potential business relations during the matchmaking event.
• In addition to the business part, the visit also included sight-seeing in Atlanta. The delegation visited the state Capitol, Senate and Congress, the head office of CNN, the world’s largest Aquarium and the Coca-Cola Museum.
During the visit, the Mogilev Branch of the Belarusian Chamber of Industry and Commerce and RAMBA signed a cooperation agreement under which work on promotion of Belarusian business circles’ interests will be done on a regular basis and in multiple directions.
It goes without saying that within the framework of this agreement the Russian-American Business Alliance undertakes the commitment to arrange subsequent visits of the delegations to the USA, which will certainly take place. Thus, if you are interested in the establishment of contacts with companies from the Republic of Belarus, contact RAMBA. You will be given information and the necessary support.